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About me

My name is Lluc Semis and I was born in December 1996 in La Pobla de Mafumet, Tarragona. From an early age I began to feel a great interest and connection with nature. It was my grandfather who taught me my first notions when we went to work in the garden.

It was in 2012 when, motivated by my biology teacher, I started taking nature photographs to document the fauna and flora that could be found around the Turó School with a bridge camera that my father had been given a few years before. At first, photography was for me a way of documenting what I saw, but I quickly had the need to say something more with my photographs, to express my personal vision.

Digitization and globalization have made taking and sharing photos relatively easy, but they have also contributed to the deterioration of our ecosystems. We must be aware of the importance of conserving our natural spaces and that is precisely what I try to convey in my images and texts.


+34 689916755

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